Living Archive

Welcome to the Living Archive. This is a list of lists of works that I am currently reading, watching, listening to, looking at, reflecting upon, repetitively.

This list changes frequently, so I will maintain an archive of archives. If you ever wish to view previous collections, they will be in the ~*crypt*~

This living archive is organized like a library, or even a Blockbuster — there is a classics collection and a new releases collection. I return to a few pieces often enough for them to be featured separately as classics. New works that relate to specific projects will be categorized under new releases and then added to classics if I particularly enjoyed the works and felt that the messages therein were notably impactful and insightful. Classics are marked with a *, new releases are marked with a +.




  • Fragments d'un Discours Amoureux *

    Roland Barthes - January 1, 1977

    Éditions du Seuil

  • Mythologies *

    Roland Barthes - 1957

    Éditions du Seuil


  • Solaris *

    Andrei Tarkovsky - 1972