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Aeon "A ballerina dances with the geometry of her own movements"

Facebook “SLAM: Bringing art to life through technology”

Hyperallergic “An Animated Movie Reimagines Nosferatu in Present-Day NYC”

The Ringer “Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius”

Hyperallergic “A Digital Art Tribute to Dada Gets an IRL Gallery Show”

Hyperallergic “Making/Breaking the Binary: Women, Art & Technology (1968–85), a Survey of Pioneering Women Artists in New Media”

Hyperallergic “Moroccan Identity and Digital Culture Connect in an Internet-Age Funhouse”

Artsy “Artists, Designers, and Other Creatives Are Bringing This Bauhaus Ballet into the Digital Age”

Artsy “What Steve Jobs Learned from the Bauhaus”

Aeon “The bit bomb: It took a polymath to pin down the true nature of ‘information’. His answer was both a revelation and a return”

AnOther Mag “The Artist Using an Algorithm to Generate Rose Petals”

Pacific Standard Magazine “The Touch of Madness”

Hyperallergic “Exploring Beech Trees and Buried Painters in a Cemetery Attic”

Aeon “Touched: We ride a stream of naked neurons, stripped of their sheaths, to the most blissful moments and deepest intimacies of life”

Aeon "How Algorithms are Transforming Artistic Creativity"

Aeon “A sublime contagion: The Gothic is more than vampires and flying buttresses, burgundy lips and black lace: it is the thrill of transgression”

University of Southern California Architectural Teaching Slide Collection

Aeon “If life feels out of balance, don’t worry – there’s always symmetry below the surface”

Columbia Physics Department Noether’s Theorem

Hyperallergic “Literary Luminaries Respond to a Painter’s Dark Scenes of Maine”

Popular Mechanics “The Cult of Amiga Is Bringing an Obsolete Computer Into the 21st Century”

Video - Narratively “Am I Dreaming?”

Artsy “10 Photographers Who Captured the Grit and Glamour of L.A.”

Hyperallergic “The Heavy Light of Christopher Wilmarth’s Drawings and Sculptures”

Popular Mechanics “Accident or Not, Google's Eavesdropping Mistake Is Terrifying”

Aeon “Should Endangered Languages Be Preserved and at What Cost?”


“Architectural Robotics: Ecosystems of Bits, Bytes, and Biology”

“The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty." Benjamin H. Bratton. Publication Year: 2015

“The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics." David J. Gunke